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Jennifer Boyle B.Soc.Sc NQSW Dip.MCI (NUIM)

Family Mediation

Mediation brings disputing parents together to find solutions that works for them. It’s a flexible and creative approach that allows separating parents to focus on the well-being of their children. The goal of family mediation is a win-win solution, in which both parents are content and better equipped to cope with future conflict.

Mediation can also assist families to make the tough decisions that come with ageing. Using a similar philosophy of a family centred approach, we can assists family members to discuss together, how best to balance the safety and independence of the elder parent or relative. We can also help to make key decisions on general living arrangements and care options and on inheritance and estate planning.

We understand the legal implications of separation and divorce and know when to recommend and access Legal advice.

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Mediation and Separating Couples

Family Breakdown

Mediation is a process/method/approach and a skill in which a trained mediator helps people with a serious disagreement or prolonged argument to listen to each other, in order to discuss issues and find agreement. Separating Couples is a description usually used in a legal sense to refer to couples who have decided to separate from each other or to get a divorce. In this sense, mediation is a term used to facilitate a couple to separate /divorce without resorting to Court and the adversarial Family Law system which should be the last port of call for a separating divorcing couple not the first.
Mediation can however assist in resolving any conflict or dispute.
Dr Tammy Lenski (lenski.com) has said that "conflict is personal and it breaks your heart”. The adversarial court system does not find emotional issues relevant and encourages polarised positions which feed negative emotions and conflict. Continual conflict has proven to be counter productive in the development of emotionally healthy children.
In a separating couples context, mediation does not provide reconciliation but it can assist couples to come to terms with their relationship and look forward to transforming it into a different one that enables them as parents to talk together and plan for their children’s future. Separation and Divorce does not and should not mean the end of the family. Children are entitled to have a meaning relationship with both their parents; Parents will continue to exercise continuing parental responsibilities despite family and relationship breakdown.


High Conflict Relationships

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Divorce, Separation & Workplace Disputes

When we are in the middle of a divorce, separation, a workplace dispute or any relationship conflict with, it is easy to get caught up in defending our own behaviour and point of view. This is especially true when we are dealing with a high conflict person (HCP). Bill Eddy (High Conflict Institute) Mediator Lawyer and Social worker coined this phrase in 2003 to describe people who have a pattern of behaviour that increases conflict rather then reducing or resolving it.

As Bill Eddy describes it, these people quickly “push our buttons,”  and they seem to know exactly how. When that happens then it is easy to respond by getting into the fight. Difficult people  engage in negative conversations about their situations rather than trying to resolve their problems.  Usually they focus on personal and counter-attack. 

In reality, you don’t have to join in. If you think you are going to be dealing with a difficult person, try to avoid getting “hooked" into the conflict.

"High-conflict people (HCPs) have a pattern of high-conflict behavior that increases conflict rather than reducing or resolving it". This pattern usually happens over and over again in many different situations with many different people. The issue that seems in conflict at the time is not what is increasing the conflict.  Bill Eddy’s noble quote is "The issue is not the issue”. Bill advises "If you think someone is an HCP, use this information as a Private Working Theory”. This is because difficult people cannot see the connection between their own behaviour and their problems. As their intractable, demanding behaviour continues, their conflicts grow. You can learn how focusing on changing your own behaviour not theirs will help you to cope.

Jennifer has engaged in training with the High Conflict Institute in this respect and through studying Bill Eddy’s theories and experience uses this knowledge to deal effectively with difficult people individually and within relationships.. 

Jennifer Boyle B.Soc.Sc NQSW Dip.MCI (NUIM)


Jennifer believes strongly in mediation as a philosophy & as a means to resolve conflict & discord. She knows that engaging in family mediation is preferable to resorting to the adversarial court system.  Her strengths lie in problem solving and facilitating people to find empowering solutions which enable them to focus on the future. 

Jennifer is an experienced mediator & social worker. She has worked in probation, medical & social services for over thirty years and with the court services in Kildare since 1985. She has worked extensively in a variety of settings with families & individuals to resolve their problems. Since 2011, Jennifer has devoted herself to establishing a private mediation and family service practice: Powerful Resolutions.

Jennifer specialises in family and elder mediation and conflict coaching for people in trouble. She passionately espouses mediation as a positive, future focused process.
She offers; individual interventions, support and information for couples contemplating separation, and peaceful, equitable resolutions.

In the area of elder mediation, Jennifer offers;  adult guardian mediation, family care giving mediation, shared decision making services, probate mediation, landlord/tenant mediation & neighbourhood/community mediation.
Jennifer is continually developing her practice in mediation by attending conferences and professional development / training programmes.

Jennifer Boyle

Jennifer is court recognised and qualified to supply family assessments to the courts in matters of custody and access. In certain circumstances, she will supervise access/visitation if required. Jennifer provides a parental consulting service to parents who need assistance with matters pertaining to all aspects of their children's welfare .
Jennifer believes strongly that all these matters should be dealt with in as non adversarial manner possible.

During 2015, she has also successfully mediated disputes in schools and workplaces.

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